For Network Marketers and Affiliates Who Want to Build with

Systems and Automation...

The Worlds First "ALL IN ONE" Contact Management and Digital Marketing Automation System Designed Specifically for Networkers, Affiliates and Direct Sales Professionals

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Direct sales representatives and affiliates are getting annihilated by greedy software companies and their outrageously expensive marketing tools...

From The Desk of Adam Chandler

The digital tools you need to succeed in your business like contact management systems, funnel/website builders, follow up systems, calendar booking systems and automation tools are insanely expensive, hard to setup and require you to piece them together with virtual masking tape and "hope."

Even if you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars per month for the tools... and you have the patience (and the skills) to connect them together...

You still need the follow-up campaigns, the funnels and the automations to make it all work

Fed-up with the greedy software companies who have tens-of-thousands of users they could care less about, I set out to create my own online system built for my kind of entrepreneurs... Independent sales reps, affiliates and distributors.

A system designed to be simple to setup, user friendly, convenient and most importantly affordable for the average online business owner.

If you aren't "techie" but you still want the leverage and automation of a systemized business... Let me introduce you to a simple solution that can save you thousands of dollars and put you in the drivers seat of a real online business system that works for any product or program!

Introducing the Digital CoPilot... the worlds first all-in-one contact management and digital marketing automation system designed specifically for networkers, affiliates and direct sales professionals.

Imagine the Simplicity and Convenience of Having All this Under 'One Roof'


Website and Page Builder (Funnel) System


Email Auto Responder and Text Messaging (Follow Up) System


Contact Engagement and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System


Lead Engagement, Sales Conversion and Team Retention Pipelines


Calendar Booking and Appointment Scheduling System


Facebook Messenger and Instagram Integration


Mobile App for Connecting with Leads on the Go


Getting Started Guide and Video Tutorial Library

Here's a Deeper Dive Into What You Get

Website & Funnel Page Builder System

An effective sales funnel can be the difference between a lifestyle friendly 'dream business' and a nightmare! With the Digital CoPilot you can you build your own sales funnel pages and/or a complete websites to create instant authority with your online prospects and gain some much needed leverage and automation in your business. If you have pages already on ClickFunnels you can literally transfer them over to the CoPilot with a push of a button.

Email and SMS Text Messaging Automated Follow Up System

The Digital CoPilot System gives you the ability to effortlessly email and/or text message your prospects and team members to notify them of live presentations, events, promotions, etc. You can easily upload an existing list of contacts in a CSV file or add contacts one at a time as your list grows. Of course you can also automate the process with autoresponder campaigns and easily integrate them with lead-generation and sales funnels built in the system. Data and usage rates may apply.

Create Unlimited Calendars with our Calendar Booking System

Having your prospects (and team members) book calls on your calendar in an automated way, not only saves you a ton of time and hassle but also immediately gives you the critical 'authority frame' which makes converting prospects 10X easier and makes your business way more scalable and fun! We suggest creating different calendars for different things. For example you can one calendar inside a sales funnel or on your website and another calendar that is specifically for on-boarding and training your new team members.

Complete CRM System with Unlimited Lead Engagement & Customer Journey Pipelines

If you watched the video above you saw what I mean when I say "Opportunity Pipelines." Keeping your online contacts (your prospects and your customers & team members) organized is key to building a successful business. These pipelines give you a visual snapshot of exactly where your contacts are at in their journey. You can simply drag and drop contacts into new pipeline stages based on their interest and engagement levels and the system can automatically move them to new stages based on actions the prospects take as well. You can create unlimited pipelines and pipeline stages but we recommend starting with one prospect pipeline and one customer/team member pipeline similar to what we showed in the above video.

Mobile App for Connecting with Your Prospects and Team Members on the Go!

Part of the leverage and value of the Digital CoPilot system is the ability to connect with your prospects and team members directly from your mobile phone. The app can notify you when contacts book appointments, when they reply to email/texts and when they take other actions in the systems. The best time to connect with a prospect is when your offer is fresh in your mind, so this saves a ton of potential sales from falling through the cracks when you are out and about.

Getting Started Guide and Complete Video Training Library

Once you secure your order for the Digital CoPilot system you'll receive an email with your login details as well as a "fast start guide" to help you get off to a profitable start with the system. We also give you access to dozens of short video tutorials for how to use the system, the funnel builder, the follow up campaigns, the calendar system every other incredible feature of this game-changing platform.


Digital CoPilot Weekly Mastermind

Every week we host a live training webinar to help you get the most out of your Digital CoPilot membership.

This is an opportunity to get your questions answered live and discover what is possible with your CoPilot by watching us coach other members in real-time.

Instant Access To Private Facebook Group

We broadcast the weekly Digital CoPilot mastermind into our private Facebook group so if you can't make the live training you can get instant access to the replay and watch it at your own convenience.

The group is also a great way to get your questions answered and to learn from and connect with other successful users of the system as well as our knowledgeable support team.

Digital CoPilot Fast-Start Call

When you purchase your Digital CoPilot system you will get instant access to a 'Getting Started Guide' and a private 'Fast Start' Zoom call with one of our expert team members to help you get off to a profitable start with your new system.

Here's What Others Are Saying...

"Marquel Russell...

I used to be an entrepreneur who used to just wing it, be all over the place and have very little (if any results to show for it). With the help of Adam’s training, I was actually able to get laser beamed focused on a strategic plan and within 90 Days, I was able to become the #1 Recruiter in my network marketing company(out of 50,000 Associates)!

Meredith Banka says...

"The Digital Co-Pilot has made my life so much easier. Being able to have my lead capture pages, follow-up campaigns, and calendar in one system saves me so much time. I also love that my team can add their leads which gives me transparency into their business. Not to mention team communications and follow-up. I've never seen anything in our industry that is so complete and built just for us!"

David Wellman says...

"I love the fact that in one system I have customizable funnels which include split testing, landing pages, booking calendars, email campaigns, trackable links, autoresponders, opportunity pipelines to track a prospect through your sales process: all in one place."

To get all this marketing functionality with other systems you would be paying roughly

$325 per month

Here's a breakdown of what you would need to replicate what you get with the Digital CoPilot

  • Email System (Aweber/Active Campaign = $19 - $200 / mo - average = $109/month)

  • Website/Funnel Builder System (ClickFunnels = $97 / mo)

  • Calendar System (Calendly = $15 / mo)

  • Survey / Application System (SurveyMonkey = $25 / mo)

  • Contact Management System (SalesForce / Pipedrive = $59 / mo)

  • Automation Software for Linking Everything (Zapier - $20 / mo)

Total Investment For These Systems:

$325 Per Month

Plus the time-investment and technical setup required to get all the systems integrated and speaking to one another. We did it for years, it is brutal!

So what’s my Investment?

To Get All This with the Systems Listed Above $325 Month

Take Action Now and Get the Convenience and Simplicity of Having All These Powerful Digital Tools Under One Roof...





Biz-Opp Funnels

Calendar System & Appointment Booking Funnel

DFY Autoresponder Campaigns

Opportunity Pipelines

New Member Welcome Campaign

Google Calendar Integration

IG and FB Integration

Email Support

Private Facebook Group

Getting Started Guide

$5 in Email & SMS Credits Per Month





Everything You Get with Standard PLUS...

Survey Funnels

Memberships & Customizable Team Training Members Area

Social Media Planner

Weekly Live System Training and Support Zoom


$12 in Email and SMS Credits Per Month





Everything You Get with PRO PLUS...


DFY Branding Package

Premium Support Channel

Private Zoom Support

Access to Weekly 'Expert Accelerator' Sales Clinic (Zoom Coaching Call)

1 Private Digital Marketing Strategy Call Per Month (with 7-figure marketer and system creator Adam Chandler)

$50 in Email and SMS Credits Per Month

Web-based System. No installation or download required. Zero risk.

100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Still Skeptical?

Here's How We've Removed 100% of the Risk To You

Check Out Our "100 Leads" Guarantee

If you're not happy, for any reason whatsoever, or if you want your money back, whether it is 29 minutes from now or 29 days from now you can get your money back.

Simply send an email to [email protected] and say “gimme my money back” and you got it. Within 24 hours (usually much sooner) we will process your refund and I will also give you 100 business opportunity seeker leads with names, email, and phone numbers. You can only make such a guarantee when you know that what you have is the real deal. I’m banking on the fact that you will love your new contact management and marketing automation system so much, that you would rather have it working for you and your business more than getting your money back. Plus 100 business opportunity seeker leads at cost to me.

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