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“Discover the NEW Digital Enrollment 'Machine' That Took My Home Business Income From $19k to 6-FIGURES in One Year”


“With Adam’s help, I became the #1 distributor in my company of over 50,000 associates!”

-Marquel Russell


The Digital Enrollment Machine

Training Bundle

“The SIMPLE Online System That Grew My Home Business Income From $19K to 6-FIGURES in One Year!”

Here's Exactly What You Get With This Eye-Opening Training Package:

The Book

Get a copy of the Digital Enrollment Machine book and discover the simple online system that grew my network marketing business from $19K to Six-Figures in just one year.

Stop feeling STUCK in your business and start following a proven system that will open your eyes to enormous possibilities.

In my book, I also provide tremendous resources every home business owner should be using to help them automated and organize.

The Workbook

The Digitial Enrollment Machine Workbook contains 19 questions designed to help you apply the 7-figure online marketing principles from the book and video series to your own home based business including...

  • How you will build a profitable online foundation for your business (most get this horribly wrong and it shows like crazy in their lack of results)
  • How to effectively communicate the value of your primary offer to your prospects (in an intriguing way that does NOT have them running in the opposite direction)
  • How to achieve laser like focus and clarity by creating your own digital marketing game plan that works within your schedule for achieving your goals

5 Part Video Training Series

Video Module #1 - Foundations

You’ll discover how to secure your business on a profitable new digital marketing foundation that will instantly put you ahead of 95% of home business owners. You'll see the secret software tool I use and recommend for building your own Digital Enrollment Machine.

Video Module #2 - Funnels

I’m going to walk you through setting up your new Digital Enrollment Machine lead generation system and prospect priming System for converting online prospects directly into your primary business. As well as 3 selling secrets I used to enroll a power couple who became top leaders on my team, earning me thousands per month in team commissions from their production alone.

Video Module #3 - Follow Up

Its all about the power of effective follow-up. We take the best old school network marketing follow-up strategies and combine them with powerful filters and automation tools. The result is a system where the follow up with the 80%'ers is completely automated. These are the unqualified prospects (who won't buy but will gladly waste your time) and helps you to instantly identify the 20%'ers... The most interested, pre-qualified, ready to buy candidates and puts you on the phone with them!

Video Module #4 - Traffic

I’ll give you training and resources for getting endless traffic & leads with free organic social media marketing. You'll discover the exact traffic systems we provide our top tier clients for creating a consistent stream of high quality online leads.

Video Module #5 - Systems

Is all about systematizing the income producing activities in your business. The vast majority of home business owners have ZERO systems for attracting prospects and scaling their business over time. After watching video 5 you will be newly equipped to navigate the digital world with your own customized sales funnel, contact management system, traffic system, and a new online game-plan for reaching even your most ambitious goals.


Daily Productivity Planner

This the exact productivity system that I’ve used to run my own multiple 6-figure online business for years. This system will keep you from running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off on the internet and help you to create clarity and focus for achieving even your most ambitious home business goals.

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“With Adam’s help I became the #1 distributor in my company of over 50,000 associates”

-- Marquel Russell

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Here's how it works: Order the Digital Enrollment Machine and get

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Then, if you're aren't satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, just send us an email and ask for your money back. We'll promptly return every dime you invested. No questions asked and no hassles. Doesn't that sound like a pretty fair deal? This system either lives up to what I've told you here or it's free. And you can take my word on that. So, if you're ready to start implementing these top producer success secrets, go ahead and invest now.

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