“With Adam’s help, I became the #1 distributor in my company of over 50,000 associates!”

-Marquel Russell

Feeling Stuck In Your Network Marketing Business?

“Discover the Digital Enrollment 'Machine' That Took My Home Business From $19k to 6-Figures in One Year”



“With Adam’s help, I became the #1 distributor in my company of over 50,000 associates!”

-Marquel Russell

Send Me Your Address...

I'd like to rush a FREE copy of the

book to your doorstep, ASAP!

Send Me Your Address...

I'd like to rush a FREE copy of the

book to your doorstep, ASAP!

"The Million Dollar Question That All Home

Business Owners Must Ask Themselves..."

From The Desk Of Adam Chandler

12 year home biz veteran and industry top producer

Dear fellow home business owner,

Have you been been searching for a better way to grow your network

marketing or direct sales business... Beyond the typical "just go talk to more

people" advice offered by most companies and up-line leaders?

Hi, my name is Adam Chandler and I discovered the Digital Enrollment Machine while trying to answer a question for myself…

A question that I've come to find is the million-dollar question that all home business owners must ask themselves, which is…

"How am I going to find people to enroll in my

business after I've tapped out my warm market?"

The Digital Enrollment Machine is a NEW answer to that question!

You're about to discover how I used this simple online marketing machine to replace my 9-5 income in 6 months, then to grow my business to six figures in one year, and to become a top producer in multiple network marketing companies and home business programs.

You don’t need to be an internet marketing whiz or a tech-savvy millennial to know that the world is changing quickly…

The business owners who fail to adapt to these changes are getting left behind in record numbers… While those who know how to create results in an increasingly digital world are getting ahead faster than ever before.

Do any of these describe your current situation in your business?

  • You don’t have enough leads and prospects to share your opportunity with
  • The few prospects you do have can sense your desperation and get instantly turned off
  • You are regularly ghosted by your online prospects
  • You always have to “chase" new business
  • You deal with a lot of rejection
  • You hate manually sifting and sorting through a sea of unqualified prospects
  • When your team members ask you marketing questions it feels like the blind leading the blind
  • You are confused about how to use the internet and social media effectively (without coming across as just another mlm sales rep)
  • The online marketing you attempt to do makes you feel spammy and weird
  • Prospecting on Social Media has resulted in repeatedly striking out in dead end message conversations with total strangers

If Any of These Describe Your Current Situation...

I Have Some GOOD NEWS...

None of these are the real problem, but merely a symptom of the real problem....

The real problem is what I call...

"Carbon-Copy Blindness"

It doesn't matter if you have the best money making opportunity in the world... If HOW you promote it makes you look identical to millions of others promoting "make money from home" programs on the internet...

It does not matter if you have the most life changing weight loss products... If your lose weight now marketing message occurs to your prospects as just another MLM weight loss program.

And it definitely doesn't matter if you think you have the best compensation plan in the industry... If your prospects see 25 posts a day from MLM'ers all shouting about how their business is the best.

  • Attention is like currency on the Internet!

You need people’s attention so that you can share, and ultimately sell your product, program or opportunity...

Pitching the same boring, played out messages like, “make money from home,” and “gain financial independence” are so common online that...

  • Your prospects become blind to your marketing

Even promoting a message like “lose 10 lbs. in 10 days” is easier than ever to ignore, because it is so common and so typical.

And with thousands turning to the internet and home business due to economic uncertainty and a myriad of other factors, it is getting more and more crowded and more and more competitive...

  • Leaving many (maybe you) drowning in a sea of noise

Did you know that traditional brick and mortar businesses have a 97% failure rate in their first 2 years in business?

And that's when they don’t have hundreds of thousands of identical competitors going after the same prospects and sharing the exact same marketing message.

Even the top online home business gurus are teaching you to send copy/paste messages to complete strangers on the internet... asking, "hey are you open to a new income stream if it didn't interfere with what you're currently doing" (or some variation)... While they themselves are getting YOUR attention with massive paid advertising campaigns and very sophisticated online sales funnels.

What chance do network marketers have when what your company and your up-line leaders are teaching you makes you look the same as potentially hundreds of thousands of other distributors in your company and millions of other MLM distributors worldwide? AND when the industry gurus are you teaching you do one thing to grow YOUR business while THEY are doing something entirely different to build theirs?

The Reason for Carbon-Copy Blindness is That Millions of Network Marketers Are ONLY Being Taught ONE Recruiting Method...

A process I call "cold prospecting"

Ask any successful "old school" network marketer and they will tell you that building a successful organization is a process of sifting and sorting.

Most home business builders spend an absurd amount of time MANUALLY doing all the sifting and sorting themselves through a process I call “cold prospecting.”

Back in the 1990’s “prospecting" meant talking to strangers in shopping malls or calling purchased “lead lists.” People still do this to this day.

I spoke with a Networker recently who told me he had to cold call 100 prospects to find just 1 new distributor.

And he had to enroll 10 distributors to find just ONE who will actually run with it and promote them business themselves. That means he had to make 1,000 cold calls to find to find just 1 worthwhile distributor.

These days many network marketers do the equivalent of this on social media rather than the phone. They “cold prospect" strangers in Facebook groups or on Instagram.

Manual “Prospecting” requires you to connect with HUGE amounts of people, to find a few diamonds in the rough who will join you..

And many people get frustrated and burnt out with the process long before they see substantial results… So even if you have thick rhino skin and can deal with the rejection, most of your team members will not..

With cold prospecting, YOU are the bottleneck. If you're not manually doing all the prospecting and follow up yourself, your business comes to a screeching halt!

Digital marketers create leverage by systemizing and automating manual processes in order to create speed and save time.

With this process you might have to talk to 20 people to get just 1 who will actually take a look your company video.

A video by the way, that is being shared by thousands (or possibly hundreds of thousands) of others distributors in your company.

So you better cross your fingers that they haven’t seen it before...

You're about to discover a NEW way to rise above all the noise on social media... Separate yourself from all the “me too” marketers tripping over each other to try awkwardly pitch a sea of complete strangers... In doing so you will effectively opt-out of the struggling masses and defeat carbon-copy blindness once and for all with....

The Digital Enrollment Machine Prospect

Priming System

The Digital Enrollment Machine acts like a filtering system...

It filters prospects through a unique system that automatically sorts prospects into 2 buckets...

The automation follows up with everyone, including the semi-interested leads.

But you ONLY spend your valuable (and I'm guessing very limited) TIME with the PRIMED PROSPECTS who already know who you are and are interested in what you have.

And rather than chasing or convincing prospects to join, they sell YOU on why you should accept them onto YOUR team.

And ONLY after some trust and credibility has been established... ONLY when they are further along in the buying process.

Which makes the recruiting process WAY easier because it puts you in a position of POWER and authority with them rather than neediness and desperation.

YOU and your program opportunity become “The Prize...”

...Which is a 180 degree shift from "cold prospecting” where THEY are the prize (and they know it).

So Why Are Network Marketing Company Leaders and Industry Gurus Only Teaching Cold Prospecting?

I mean... Are they all just stuck in the 1990s?

Well, for some that may be true..

But the reality is that network marketing company owners and top distributors with large teams HAVE TO cater the recruiting methods they teach to ANYONE who becomes a distributor.

Regardless of whether you are an 83 year old grandmother who wants to make a few sales to cover her own monthly product commitment... Or a driven 30 something who wants replace your income from your job quickly.

Wouldn’t it make sense for those 2 people to be given different systems?

But they don't do they?

Instead everyone is given a company replicated site and if your lucky and "opportunity overview" video... (both of which make you look identical to thousands of other distributors). Then they tell you to make a list of your family and friends and send you on your way.

And because most company leaders are still scratching their heads about the internet in general... Many leaders were still telling their reps NOT to promote online, until about March of 2020 when they had no other choice...

Since many of them don't really understand online marketing, but only online networking and prospecting... Their advice to you when it comes to online marketing is... "Just go start talking to people"

or, "Well, there's a billion people on Facebook... Just go start 'networking' with them I guess..."

It’s the same with a lot of the big names in network marketing. The industry guru’s who teach you to go out and “cold prospect” strangers on Instagram... While they themselves are running MASSIVE advertising campaigns and sending you through very well-thought-out and professionally designed marketing funnels.

So in an industry where the company owners are not setting you up for personal success and the big players are telling you to do one thing while they are personally doing something very different...

Is it really any wonder why most home business owners are dazed and confused and getting mediocre table scrap results? I think it’s time for a change…

Making the Shift From Cold Prospecting to Prospect Priming - From Unwanted Pest to

Welcomed Guest...

There are really only a few simple shifts you have to make to how you approach marketing yourself and your business online...

Within a few months of making these powerful shifts myself...

I replaced my income from my 9-5 job (during the financial crisis of 2008-2009)

That year my business made $19,000

However just one year later, thanks to the Digital Enrollment Machine

I cracked my first six figure year in business...

Making just over $100,000

That’s right I increased my income by 500% in just one year... During one of the largest recessions and financial crises in modern history... And while I was still a complete online marketing newb... Thanks to the power of the Digital Enrollment Machine.

Now, for the first time ever, I'm pulling back the curtain and showing you exactly how I did it and how you can do the same for yourself...

“The SIMPLE Online System I Used to Make My First $100K Online”

"Send Me Your Address..."

I'd like to rush a FREE copy of the book to your doorstep, ASAP!

Like I mentioned before, this book is free. I'll pay for the book and all I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and handling cost and we'll send it anywhere in the world!

Get These FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1 - The DEM Workbook

The Workbook

The Digital Enrollment Machine Workbook contains 19 questions designed to help you apply the 6-figure online marketing principles from the book and video series to your own home based business including...

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of DEM Today!

Bonus #2 - The 5 Part Video Series

5 Part Video Training Series


Video #1 - Foundations


Video #1 - Foundations


Video #2 - Funnels


Video #2 - Funnels


Video #3 - Follow Up


Video #3 - Follow Up


Video #4 - Offer Flow


Video #4 - Offer Flow


Video #5 - Traffic Flow


Video #5 - Traffic Flow

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of DEM Today!

Bonus #3 - The Productivity Planner

Daily Home-Based Business "Productivity Planner"

This the exact productivity system that I’ve used to run my own multiple 6-figure online business for years. This system will help you to create clarity and focus for achieving even your most ambitious home business goals.

Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of DEM Today!

The Book

Get a copy of the Digital Enrollment Machine book and discover the simple online system I used to make $100K from home in my first year! In my book, I also provide tremendous resources every aspiring home business owner should be using to help them automate and organize their life and income.

“The SIMPLE Online System I Used to Make My First $100K Online”

"Send Me Your Address..."

I'd like to rush a FREE copy of the book to your doorstep, ASAP!

Like I mentioned before, this book is free. I'll pay for the book and all I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and handling cost and we'll send it anywhere in the world!

Still Not Convinced? See What Some of My

Students Are Saying...

“I get to wake up to new appointments on my calendar with new prospects and the people I’m talking to are already interested in what I have”

-- Marie Taublee

“Within 6 months of connecting with Adam we were generating 30+ leads per day online and enrolling 20 people per month into our primary business”

-- Todd Getts

“In just one month of working with Adam he helped me create 500 new leads for my business”

-- Kelli Chung

“With Adam’s help I became the #1 distributor in my company of over 50,000 associates”

-- Marquel Russell

The Way I See It... You've Got 3 Options If You

Want to Finally Start Getting Results in Your

Business in the Digital Age…


Do absolutely nothing and stay right where you are now.

If you already have a strategy that’s producing consistent quality prospects and enrollments in your business and you are happy at your current rate of growth...

Then maybe you don’t need the Digital Enrollment Machine…. but if you want to finally scale your team and your biz and grow your monthly income so you can set yourself financially free…

That leaves the other 2 options...


Try and figure it out on your own.

Look there are a lot of people on the internet who would be happy to charge you $5,000 to build you a funnel designed to sell your products PLUS $100 a month to access the software to host the funnel.

But those other "funnel experts" don’t know the first thing about the nuances and complexities of the network marketing business model.

You could save your $29 and try to learn this stuff by watching a thousand youtube videos and try and piece it all together on your own...

This is the “cross your fingers and hope that it works out” option.


Say YES to the Digital Enrollment Machine

Let me give you my proven prospect priming system and help you make it work for your business. I’ve already done the legwork honing the strategy and doing all the time-consuming trial and error. All you need to do is buy the Digital Enrollment Machine training bundle and start going through the 5 short videos in the series...

Then breathe a sigh of relief... knowing you’ve done something positive for your business, your team, and your future.

Of these 3 options, ask yourself...

What’s Going to be Easiest For You... Now and in the Future?

See there are only 2 kinds of people in network marketing...

Those who dream about achieving their goal of a successful lifestyle business without ever taking the actions necessary to bring it to fruition.

And those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself.

Everyone WANTS a successful business...

But we both know that very few actually make it happen... Since you’ve stayed with me here until the end I think you might be one of the special ones. If I’m right and you’re still with me…

Secure your Digital Enrollment Machine order and let us help you get this revolutionary system up and running for your business.

Only you can decide...

Adam Chandler

Adam Chandler

P.S. If the way you're currently building your business isn't producing the results or the lifestyle you're looking for... Or if you just want to discuss ways to create more systems and leverage in your business, book a call, and let's discuss a new plan to reach your goals.

Get Your FREE Book, Send Me


I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new hardcover book to your doorstep, ASAP.

Get Your FREE Book, Send Me


I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new hardcover book to your doorstep, ASAP.

30-Day "Take My Word" 100%

Money Back Guarantee!

Here's how it works: Order the Digital Enrollment Machine and get

instant access to the 5 part video training series, and the workbook

while we ship you your physical book... and don't forget the two

"Productivity Planner" bonuses. Take up to 30 days to go through

everything... the proven system, the battle-tested tactics, strategies,

and top producer success secrets I've described here... and more.

Then, if you're aren't satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, just send us an email and ask for your money back. We'll promptly return every dime you invested. No questions asked and no hassles. Doesn't that sound like a pretty fair deal? This system either lives up to what I've told you here or it's free. And you can take my word on that. So, if you're ready to start implementing these top producer success secrets, go ahead and invest now.

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