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The network marketing industry changed FOREVER in 2020...

Although it may not seem like it for some, this is actually really good news for anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and learn some new things about how to adapt their business to an increasingly online world.

Those who know how to position themselves, their products & their opportunity effectively online will THRIVE in the coming months and years, while those who fail to adapt will become yet another casualty of this dynamic and highly competitive industry...

While most old-school leaders are crossing their fingers and asking... When will things return to normal?

The question they should be asking is... What if things NEVER return to normal?

Or, can my business and the team even survive another year or 2 years of no networking events, home parties, and hotel meetings?

Here’s my advice…

Stop trying to guess what will happen and start planning. Smart entrepreneurs hope for the best while preparing for the worst...

The very future of YOUR business is at stake. Do not leave it to chance.

Without a steady flow of qualified, interested prospects, your business is going nowhere and your team will NOT stick around unless they see YOU producing.

The Time to Create a New Plan for Effectively Creating Traffic, Capturing Leads and Converting Sales is NOW!

Here’s how I can help you make it happen…


The Digital CoPilot is a 'one stop shop' for home business owners looking for a leg-up in promoting their business online.

The Digital CoPilot System allows you to attract prospects and team members who see YOU as a solution to their problem, rather than yet another home business sales rep trying to get them to part with their hard earned money.

Here’s what you get inside the

Digital CoPilot System:


Email AutoResponder System


SMS (Text) Message System


Done for you Opportunity Pipeline


CRM (Contact Management) System


Team Member Retention and Duplication Pipeline


Facebook Messenger Integration


Done for you Follow Up Campaigns

To get all this marketing functionality with other systems you would be paying roughly $2,124 PER USER per month.

Here's a breakdown of what you would need to replicate it

Email System (Aweber = $19 / mo)

Funnel/Page Builder System (ClickFunnels = $97 / mo)

Calendar System (Calendly = $15 / mo)

Survey / Application System (SurveyMonkey = $25 / mo)

CRM System (Pipedrive = $21 / mo)

Total Investment For These Systems

= $177 per month

or $2,124 Per Year

Digital CoPilot Email and SMS (Text)

Messaging System

The Digital CoPilot Marketing System gives you the ability to effortlessly email and/or text message your contacts. You can easily upload an existing list of contacts in a CSV file or one at a time as your contact list grows. Of course you can also automate the process with our done for you marketing campaigns combined with our done for you sales funnel templates and page builder system.

Digital CoPilot Page Builder/ Funnel Builder System

An effective sales funnel can be the difference between living a home business dream lifestyle and living a home business nightmare. Not only can you create your own sales funnel pages with the Digital CoPilot, but we also give you 4 done for you templates that you can easily plug your offer into to create instant authority and much needed leverage in your business.

Digital CoPilot Calendar Booking System

Having your prospects (and team members) book calls on your calendar in an automated way, not only saves you a ton of time and hassle but also immediately gives you the critical 'authority frame' which makes converting prospects 50X easier and makes your business way more scalable and fun!

Digital CoPilot Effortless Team Member Integration

The Digital CoPilot system is the worlds FIRST one stop digital marketing system designed with network marketers and direct sales professionals in mind. Not only do we make it stupid simple to add new team members but you can also give them the exact same funnel pages, follow up campaigns, email and text message templates and opportunity pipelines so they can instantly start duplicating your results. Your business just became WAY more online friendly and your team members just became a whole lot stickier and more lucrative.

"Within 90 Days, I was able to become the #1 Recruiter in my network marketing company..."

I used to be an entrepreneur who used to just wing it, be all over the place and have very little (if any results to show for it). With the help of Adam’s training, I was actually able to get laser beamed focused on a strategic plan and within 90 Days, I was able to become the #1 Recruiter in my network marketing company(out of 50,000 Associates)!

-Marquel Russell


Digital CoPilot 'Done for You' Marketing Campaigns

A few years back I purchased an email marketing course for $2,400 that came with several 'done for you' email follow up campaigns for doing things like, engaging with new prospects and converting them into buyers, getting contacts to book appointments, register for live presentations, things like that. Since then these campaigns have made me hundreds of thousands of dollars and have been responsible for hundreds of sales in my business. I modified these campaigns specifically for the home business industry and now, thanks to the Digital CoPilot marketing system, I can give them to you on a silver platter by loading them directly into your account. We show you how to customize these campaigns to help you sell ANY offer with a higher degree of leverage and time saving automation.

($1,000 Value)

VIP Referral Program

This bonus alone makes your home based business 10X more profitable by giving you another offer to promote that complements your primary business opportunity. Now you can earn up to $240 per referral sale and monetize the 95% of prospects who say no to your primary program. My first six figure year I made 40K from my network marketing business and 60K selling tools and systems to other home business owners. Had I only been promoting my network marketing program at the time I would have only made $40K rather than $100K.

Refer 3 and Your System is FREE


The 5 Day "Build Your Funnel" Virtual Workshop - Build Your Online Sales Funnel in 5 Days With Our Help or We Build it for you!

If you ever wanted experts to take you by the hand and walk you step by step, piece by piece, through crating a  system for generating high quality online leads and a processes for turning them into consistent and predictable sales and enrollments in your business... 

Join Digital Upline creator Adam Chandler and DU client success director (CSD) Meredith Banka as well as other DU team members as we help you maximize your Digital CoPilot membership and get you off to a fast and profitable start with our system.

We are capping the program at just 50 spots so we can create an intimate "get all the help you need" environment for our students...

We will continue taking applications until August 31st or once we filled all 50 spots. The workshop kicks off on Sept 7th.

Applications for this program are pouring in and spots are getting grabbed up by hungry home business owners. We hope to be welcoming you into the program soon!

($5,000 Value)

So what’s my Investment, Adam?

As we shared earlier if you were to purchase all of the online systems built into the Digital CoPilot system including the Email System, Text Message System, Page Builder System, Calendar System, Application System, CRM System it would cost you $2,124 per user per year WITHOUT any team integration and without all the done for you templates we give you with Digital CoPilot.

Not only do we give you the done for you email templates, text templates, CRM pipelines and make it super easy to make those same resources available to your team, but we also add an additional $4,197 in business building value via our exclusive bonuses including the 'Done for You' Marketing Campaigns and VIP referral Program.

Bringing the Total Value of this package to


For Just One Payment of $997

Here's How We've Removed 100% of the Risk To You

Secure Your Order for the Digital CoPilot System and get 1 Year membership, with special bonuses, training videos, support

and much more.

The way I see it you have 3 options...


Do absolutely nothing and stay right where you are now. If you already have a strategy that’s producing consistent quality prospects and enrollments in your business and you are happy at your current rate of growth... Then maybe you don’t need anything new...


Try and figure it out on your own Look there are a lot of people on the internet who would be happy to charge you $5,000 to build you a “funnel” to sell your products PLUS $100 a month to access the software to host the funnel. Plus those other "funnel experts" don’t know the first thing about the nuances of network marketing. This is the cross your fingers and hope that it works out option...


Learn from our decades of experience building successful home businesses from the safety and comfort of our homes. Let me give you my proven prospect filtering system and help you make it work for your business. We’ve already done the legwork honing the strategies and systems and doing all the time consuming trial and error. You just have to plug in and get ready to learn how to put your business on a new profitable trajectory...

Invest in Your Business Today with the "Build Your Funnel" 5 Day Workshop and a 12 Month Membership Into the Digital CoPilot System

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